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Old Car Car

If you are thinking to sell your #old car or remove it, only one place will give you the best cash for your vehicle – Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. We are known for providing not only the best price but also provide the quickest and hassle-free service.

  • It is ancient, and you wish to buy a new one .
  • It is not working properly and giving you a maintenance cost every month .
  • The parts of the car are not easily available
  • You do not have space for your old car parking after getting a new one .
  • Call our +0410 300 150, and our customer service representative shall guide you.
  • We give you the quote which we assure you is the best in the market.
  • We come and pick your car from the location you want us to and give you instant cash.
Get quick money by selling your car with us as we give the best market rates by examining your car. Our process is very straight forward and does not take your valuable time.

What kind of car do we buy?

We understand you may be hesitant to contact us, especially if your car is a very old model. But the good news is, we accept all cars, all makes, all models and all conditions. Even if your car is not working properly, or the model is discontinued, you do not have to worry. We still accept it and provide you with the best quote in "Sydney, Australia".

Are we reliable?

Yes! Absolutely. With a massive experience in this field, we are proudly one of the top leading service providers. Our drivers are experienced with a full license, and we have a fleet of equipped vehicle that can easily tow any sort of vehicle without damaging it. We also have GPS installed so you can know where our tow truck has reached. Further, our customer service is polite and knowledgeable and can answer your queries patiently. We know selling an old car has a lot of queries and you can find all the answers here. Additionally, we provide emergency services for car towing if your car breaks down in the middle of the night. All you need to do is save our number and call us when in need. In a matter of minutes, our team would be there at the spot to help you.

How do we contribute to nature?

We contribute our share to nature by disposing of the "wrecked and damaged cars" in an environmentally friendly way. We have a special team which handles this in such a way that it does not affect nature in a harmful way. We care for our country and the health of our people.

What sets us apart for other providers?

  • Our services are super quick. If you call us, we would be there in a matter of minutes. We value time and understand your time is valuable.
  • Our services are transparent. Unlike other providers, we do not have any hidden cost. We give you a clear price which is also pocket-friendly, so in the end, there are no unpleasant surprises for you.
  • Our services are hassle-free. We do not expect you to fill forms or take multiple rounds to our office. All you need to do is give us a quick call, and things can happen in a day’s time without any hassle.
  • Our services are round the clock and even on weekends. We understand our customers’ needs and are super flexible for them.
  • We give the best price in the industry which no one can beat.

Benefits of Old Car Removal

If you own a car that is no longer in use, you may want to consider the benefits of old car removal by a professional company like Auswide Car RemovalPTY LTD.

  • Others Can Save on Used Parts:
  • By old car removal, you are indirectly helping other people get scrap parts off your car so they can use in their cars. This helps them save money on parts when compared to buying new car parts. Parts like fenders, side panels, hoods, doors and engine parts are just some examples of the scrap parts that other drivers may need. And if your car is in a working condition, people may benefit by buying your car from us.

  • Helps Prevent Environmental Pollution
  • You keep the old car from causing environmental pollution. The fumes these cars releases are harmful, especially when it is deteriorating and rusting in your garage. In addition, you prevent the car and its oil and fluids, tires and other elements from being in a landfill.

  • Removes Potential Hazards and Eyesores from Your Property
  • Hiring professionals like Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. to tow off your old vehicle removes an eyesore and potential hazard from your property. Often children can get injured by playing near your old junk. The fluids leak from your car can be a potential threat to them as well as it would contaminate the soil and groundwater.

  • Increases the Value of Your Property
  • Cleaning up your property by removing an old car will maintain or even increase your property value. The entire view is better to look at.

  • Prevents Possible Parking Fines or Legal Issues
  • At times, a few local authorities or neighbourhoods you live in, may have certain regulations about parking an unusable car on your property, especially if it is very old and rusted. By having it towed away, you might avoid legal issues or fines. And in case you are paying a parking fee for that old junk, old car removal will help you relieve your burden.

  • Fetches You Extra Cash
  • Above all the other benefits, old car removal helps you gain some extra cash. It would easily fetch a few hundred dollars. You could always use this for some better investments or might as well buy a brand-new car.

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