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Cash for Scrap Cars

We buy every vehicle of any make and model and pay cash for them. It does not matter if you own an American, European, or Japanese make. We buy all models of vehicles, even if they are not in running condition.

  • We offer the best scrap car price with no car towing charges.
  • We finish the entire process in a day rather than taking weeks, with minimal paperwork.
  • We are conveniently located and offer our services to all the towns in Australia.
  • We do not have any hidden charges and offer a free quote.


When thinking of selling your scrap car, the first question that comes in your mind is “What value or price would I get for my scrap car?”. There are a lot of factors that affect the price of your scrap car. There are a lot of steps involved as well, and the most difficult part is to get the right buyer. You may find buyers but not the one that gives you the right price. To put a full stop to all your problems, Auswide Car Removal Service offers you an incredible offer on your scrap car. In just one day, you can permanently get rid of your headache.

What factors determine your scrap car value?

Although we use a lot of algorithms, there are certain important aspects that determine the value of your scrap car. Here they are:

  • The condition of your car: If the car is not running, or in a working condition, then the value you get is only the "scrap metal". Now that depends on the metal rate going on in the market. Further, the make and model also make a huge impact on the pricing of the scrap car. It is obvious that Toyota will give you a lesser value than a Mercedes. If the car is in running condition, we reuse the spare parts of your scrap car and thus, we give you a better price for it. No matter, if it is working on not, we do accept your scrap car and also, we offer a free tow service, unlike many other providers in Australia.
  • We give you the fastest service. In fact, we take only one day and give you a payment on the spot.Is your scrap car rusted: If your scrap car is totally rusted, it gives a much lesser value than what it would otherwise. The quality of the metal is lower and it gets complex to create good quality crude metal through processing, making it harder for dealers to resell the metal parts to recycle plants. Eventually, you get a lower value of your scrap car.
  • Type of engine: Typically, engines are defaced by scrap dealers and not sold again. The older your engine, the more emissions it would release. You can say an older engine emits ten times more emissions than a newer one. So, if your engine is very old, it would surely give you a lower price.
  • Scrap Metal market value: The markets keep changing and so does the scrap metal price. A lot of metal is extracted from your scrap car, and depending on each metal, the prices vary. Some metal gives you a higher value as it is already closer to the recycle product.
  • Other parts: Dealers take into consideration the other parts as well when you sell your scrap car, like tyres, seat cover, etc. For instance, the rubber that comes out of your tyres, can be recycled to use for other materials as well.

How do I get Cash For Scrap Car?

The process is very simple as Auswide Car Removal Services. All you need to do is follow these three simple steps.

  • Connect Auswide Car Removal Service through email, or phone. Our customer representative would be more than happy to assist you. We will guide you and give you a free quote after you describe your car details, like make and model, etc.
  • If you are happy with the quote, we will ask you to keep a few documents to verify your car purchase. We then come to your location on your given time and date.
  • We tow your vehicle for free and give you cash instantly.

What kind of scrap car do we accept?

At Auswide Car Removal Service, we accept cards of all kinds and makes. We don’t care if your car is running, not running, burned, damaged beyond repair, very old, wrecked, or even if the model is no longer available in the market. We accept all kinds of cars, jeeps, SUVs, trucks, and vehicles. The price we offer for your car depends on the market value and the condition of your scraped car. With our vast experience and knowledge, we offer you the best deal in "Australia" and our entire process is very simple. You no longer need to spend weeks to find the right buyer for your scraped car.

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