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Cash for Cars

We all love driving good cars. But even the best of all cars one day depreciates and we have to sell it. "Old and junk cars" get the money based on the scrap that comes out. These days, unfortunately, the metal prices are not that great, giving out a low offer and making it hard to sell or get a good deal. Things get even difficult when your car is new, but due to an accident, it is now not in a working condition.

  • We offer the best price in town and we even pay for cars that are not even in a working condition.
  • We offer outstanding customer service. Our representatives guide our clients and explain the process.
  • Our service is not only the best but also the quickest in town. In a span of thirty minutes, we reach the location. You can sell your car hassle-free with us.
  • We offer our services in all areas and we even offer emergency services if needed.
  • We buy your car without much paperwork.
  • It is very old and not in working condition.
  • The user wants to buy a new car or is in the need of money.
  • The car is broken or beyond repair due to an accident.
  • No space in the garage for parking.
You can now bid a goodbye to your all issues relating to selling your vehicle with Auswide Car Removal Service. Auswide Car Removal Service is one name that comes in everyone’s mind because of the best services we offer. We specialize in towing all kinds of cars, trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, etc. and we offer free towing, no matter how remote the location is. We are located in many districts in Australia, making it easy for us and our clients as well. We offer the best price in town, by carefully keeping in mind all the factors like the current market price, the amount of scrap and other relevant details.

Easy Process

Selling your car is a very easy and straight forward process at Auswide Car Removal Service. Here are the simple steps you would need to follow:

  • Connect with us using any options like email, or phone.
  • We offer you the best quote after hearing the description of your car. If you wish, we can personally come to your given location and check the status. Our quote is free.
  • If you are happy with the quote, we come with our team, tow the vehicle, and give you cash instantly.

In three simple steps, you can sell your car without any hassle. This same process if you go with an agent or yourself, would increase your steps and the paperwork. Also, agents can be a fraud and would cheat you and give you either less money or take a too long time. Also, some of them are not licensed and do not dispose of the wrecked vehicles in an environmentally friendly way.

We offer you instant payment, this is very useful if you want to invest in some other car. We offer a complete comprehensive car check and then give you a price. You will know the right value of your car, so you are aware and you can make informed decisions. We don’t believe in huge paperwork. All you need to do is just sign up a few documents, sit back and relax, while we do all the work for you. Further, you don’t have to take a lot of hours to sell your car. In a day’s time, we would help you sell your car and even get the cash payment. We offer services on weekends and weekdays, so you don’t have to manage time.

What do we do with your car?

Once we tow your vehicle, we carefully examine your car. If your car is not working but has a lot of good spare parts, then we take them out and resell the parts. This way, the parts can be used in other cars and people can buy it for a valued price. If the car is totally "wrecked", we dispose it in an environmentally friendly way. We ensure that no harm is done to any life and we give our bit to nature. We have proper areas to dispose of vehicles and we have a contract with the right authorities. Everything is licensed and done as per the rules of the country. Using the parts again in other vehicles help to reduce the cost of manufacturing new parts. Also, people can buy them at a lower price.

Our Team

Our customer services are bilingual. They know how to handle the situation and guide clients accordingly. They are polite and knowledgeable and highly trained to resolve customer issues quickly.

Our tow truck drivers are licensed and know well how to tow the vehicle safely and quickly. They are trained to tow all kinds of vehicles. They also clean up the mess if the car has met an accident.
Our fleet of tow trucks are well equipped and also use GPS systems so you can track where they are.
Our company offers the best services and informs you about every step so that you can easily sell your vehicle with the best knowledge.
Connect with Auswide Car Removal Service today, and get your free quote in minutes. Selling vehicles have never been so easy before, thanks to Auswide Car Removal Service

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