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A lot of people wonder how to dispose of their old cars in the right way. Disposal is to get rid of your old car which you no longer use because they are either too old to drive, or not even in a working condition. They take ample space in your garage and are of no use to you or anyone in your home.

Auswide Car Removal Services helps its customers to dispose of the car easily. We are conveniently located and offer services in the most remote area as well in Australia. What more? You can call us anytime and get your free quote. Our team tows your old car absolutely for free and you don’t have to spend an entire day filling out papers.

We believe in a hassle-free and transparent process. Here are simple steps you would need to follow to dispose of your old car.

Disposing of A Car

There are mainly three ways one can dispose of an old vehicle.


You could always recycle cars, and this is especially for those who are not in a running condition. If there are some good parts, the company removes it and uses it in a working car with a bad spare part. A lot of oil and other resources are saved when you recycle a car. This also helps you to give your bit to the environment. Parts like wheels, engines, doors, windows, etc., can be reused in other cars. If you opt-in for this method, ensure you chose a dealer who does it in the right way or has the license to do it.


Another way to deal with your old, "damaged car" is to sell it off for the right price. You may not get a big enormous amount, but it would be a decent one and would help you a bit in other important work. It is extremely important to find a right dealer, and here is where Auswide Car Removal Service comes into action. We are the best dealers and give you the right price for your old, scrap car.


There are a lot of companies, mainly non-profit, which accept your donated car. Even if your car is not in a working condition, you still can donate it. The company uses the scrap and metal parts and since it is a charity, the end-user surely benefits with this cause. However, you would not get any cash in return. This is for a good cause.

No matter what your choice is, you could always speak to our customer representative to know more and understand the entire process. We assure you that you will never regret your decision of selling your car to us.

Why Should You Select Us?

A majority of the people think that it is best to sell off their old junk piece to a junkyard and make some quick bucks. But this is not a great idea. These junkyards give you just the scrap or metal prices, which are usually very low. Also, they do not value any upgrades or additions you have done on your car as a great music system installed or anything else which is worth the money even today. End of the day, you may get $250, and you also have to pay an additional car towing price to them. So, eventually, you have nothing left in your pockets.

On the other hand, at Auswide Car Removal Service, we offer a great price because we value the car. Our expert team carefully analyses your car and gives the best quote because we have a lot of algorithms based on current market price, value, and other factors. Our quote is given absolutely free. Our car towing service is also free. So, it is a win-win situation for you. All you need to do is, to call us and get a free quote. You can get your cash in hand instantly and the way you prefer.

What are the benefits you get using our services?

There are a lot of benefits you get when you pick our services:

  • A transparent, hassle-free, no-nonsense offer, where you can get easy cash in hand in a very short time.
  • Free Car Towing Service and a free quote.
  • A great customer service that guides you in every step. Our team speaks fluent English and is highly knowledgeable.
  • Services available on weekends as well. You can"dispose" of your car at the time and day you prefer.
  • We believe in minimal paperwork.
  • We offer services in remote areas as well making it easier for our customer.
  • We are always on time and we finish the entire process in no time.

How do I start disposing of my car with Auswide Car Removal Service?

We believe in a hassle-free and transparent process. Here are simple steps you would need to follow to dispose of your old car.

  • Call us or email us to get your free quote. We may ask you a few questions relating to your car, including the model, make and other relevant details.
  • We give you a quote online or if you wish we can come and inspect your car, depending on what is convenient for you.
  • We offer an ideal quote and if you are content, we decide the time and location of the car pickup.
  • Our team comes and picks your car for free and gives you the cash amount decided for it.

We may require a few documents to ensure that the car you sell is not a stolen one. We inform our customers beforehand to keep the documents ready to save their valuable time. We organize every aspect so that things speed up and in no matter of time you are done selling/disposing of your junk old car.

"Car Disposal" is now simple. You can find reviews and see why are we popular. You can always store our number in case you need it later. You can also recommend our service to your friends and colleagues and help them. At Auswide Car Removal Service, we assure you will sell your car quickly, and at the best price. You don’t have to wander anywhere else. Just give us a call and find out more today!

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