Car Wreckers in Sydney

Are you looking for car #wreckers? You have come to the right place. At Auswide Car Removal Service, we help you provide car wrecking services in Sydney, and most of the other towns in Australia as well. We offer the best rate in town and are reliable.

  • We give the best price in town.
  • Our towing service is FREE of cost.
  • We dispose of the car in the most environmentally friendly manner.
  • We use the latest tow truck, equipped with GPS systems.
  • Our drivers are fully licensed and are experts in their roles.
  • We offer quick, reliable and hassle-free service.
  • We offer a FREE quote to our customers.
  • We are transparent and do not believe in any hidden fee.
In three simple steps, you can sell off your wrecked car to us:
  • Call or email us and describe your car.
  • We offer a FREE quote keeping in mind the state, value, model and current prices in the market. We assure you will not get a better price anywhere else.
  • Our team comes and tows your car and gives you cash for a wrecked car.

Car Wreckers

Car Wrecking does not necessarily mean smashing or wrecking the car altogether. It means taking out the reusable or good parts of a car and using them in another car to make it in a working condition. The part that cannot be used anywhere else is turned into scrap and sold at the price depending on the metal value.

When "wrecking a car", there are a lot of parts that can be reused like windows, doors, tail lights, tires, windshields and so on. Removing these parts and using them in another car helps people because the used spare parts are usually of a lower cost. Also, just by using these parts, a non-working car is pretty much in great condition, saving a lot of money.

At Auswide Car Removal, if your car is wrecked in an accident, we help you clean the mess which is lying on the road. We clean up the oil, glass, or any hazardous things from the road and ensure no one is harmed in the process. We help you tow your car to the location you wish us to. You will find a lot of services under one roof at Auswide Car Removals.

Why is there a need to remove a wrecked car?

If you own a #wrecked car, the best decision you shall make is to remove it using Auswide Car Removals. A wrecked car releases poisonous fumes that are hazardous to your and your family. It takes ample of space in your garage and is an eyesore. It also releases some oil and would rust over years causing more damage to the environment.

It is always advisable to remove the car and get some cash for it. You don’t have to look further. Just give us a call and we would take care of everything after that.

Did You Know?

Not all car removals offer free car towing services. We are one of the leading car removal services you can trust and use. If you are not satisfied, you can always call us up and know more details.

Can I instead call a mechanic?

We do realize some people are really attached to their cars. If your car met an accident, where the damage is not so big, it is good to call up a mechanic and fix the issue.

On the contrary, if the damage is beyond repairs, we advise you to sell your car for cash. Typically, you will spend a lot more by re-repairing it every time. This is also dangerous as you will be risking your life by driving a damaged car.

Do I get a good price for my wrecked car?

The cash you receive for your wrecked car depends on the type of car, the condition, make, model and a lot of other algorithms. If your car has good parts which can we used easily for other cars, you will get a good price. But if your car is beyond repair and consists of damaged parts too, then the entire car is sold as scrap. In any case, you could always receive a FREE quote from us before making a decision.

Auswide Car Removal Services specializes in a lot of services. Save our number and share it with your friends and colleagues. We offer FREE towing, fast service, and exceptional customer service. Your hunt for the right company ends here. Call us today!

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