Damaged Car Removal

We buy every vehicle of any make and model and pay cash for them. It does not matter if you own an American, European, or Japanese make. We buy all models of vehicles, even if they are not in running condition.

Share your vehicle details with us and receive an instant quote on your vehicle. After the physical inspection done by our experts, we make the offer. Once you take the offer, we will scrap away your vehicle as per your instructions. Get instant cash when your car is scraped.

  • Hassle-free service
  • Quick service
  • No fee for towing your vehicle
  • Our expert drivers are fully licensed
  • We finish the entire job in a few hours
  • Minimal paperwork
Get quick #money by selling your car with us as we give the best market rates by examining your car. Our process is very straight forward and does not take your valuable time.

#Damaged Car Removal

When you think of Car Removals, the first name that comes in everyone’s mind is Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD.! We are well-known all over Australia for our exceptional Car Removals service. No matter if it is for old car removals, accidental "car removals" or just a damaged car removal. We are number one in this service with our vast experience. Get cash for damaged cars; your damaged car could be worth up to a thousand dollars. So instead of keeping it in the garage, you may sell and get that cash which can be used in buying other valuables or even a new car. We add up all the valuable factors of your damaged car to make you their best or highest quote.

We will buy your damaged car in any condition, whether it’s running or non-running. Even if your vehicle failed your state’s smog emission test, we would buy it from you for cash. The best part is - we even offer free towing, and you do not need to come to us. We’ll come to you!

We are environmentally friendly!

We deal with a high volume of car towing orders for the unwanted, accident, junk, rusted and old card in Sydney. It is not necessary that what we remove has to be a junk piece. A lot of times, people remove a car because they never found a buyer or because they do not have time to go through all the process. Whatever the case, we responsibly dispose of all the cars to protect our environment. We have a dedicated team and possibly the best one in "Australia" who knows very well to dispose of the car in the right way. They begin by stripping the vehicle of all its scrap parts and components until it turns out to be a bare shell. Next, they crush and press the vehicle, making scrap metal from its mainframe. The scrap metal of the vehicle and the components are then recycled, reused, and resold, thus giving you the best value for your car!

What types of makes and models do we accept?

The good news is we accept all sorts of makes and models, even the one which is no longer in the market. For us, what matters is you getting your right cash and quick, hassle-free service. No matter If your car is not running, ugly, unused, used, broken, damaged, we take it and give you the right price as per the markets. We also give a free towing service.

How does the process work?

All you need to do is call our team, and we shall analyse your car and give you the right quote. You can sit, relax and sip your coffee while we do all the paperwork for you and you can then just sign and get free of your damaged car. No matter what location you want us to pick your car from, we will do it with utmost care and concern. Our expert drivers are fully licensed. They know very well how to tow your car. We know even if it is a damaged car, there is a proper way to pick up the car. Additionally, we also share the GPS, so you can know where our drivers reached. Things are all easy as far as you book Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. for your "car removals".

Sell A Broken Or Damaged Car

There are different reasons which can cause a car to be called as damaged or broken. The causes fall into one of the following three categories – engine or parts damage, bodywork damage, or interior damages. It is usually a part which is damaged, and not the whole of the car, it means that the car can often be sold as salvage and the car parts will be used to help repair other vehicles.
For instance, if you had two of the same cars in terms of year, make, and model but one of the car had a damaged engine or some part and was a non-starter, and one of the cars had a smash-damaged shell, a car specialist would be able to use parts of each car to create one proper working vehicle. But no one has one make or the capability of fixing damaged cars.
Also, it can be time-consuming and expensive. People don’t have the needed talent to be able to do so themselves, which is the reason why vehicles that require a certain level of work. To save one from all these complex things, people prefer selling their car. Also, sometimes even repairing does not help, and the car keeps getting the same issues. The end result – you tend to spend a lot more on the car, and you do not feel safe driving it because you will have a fear that it shall break down in the middle of the journey.
Driving a damaged vehicle is also dangerous because if example the breaks are damaged, and you are on a high speed, you will meet up an accident which can cost you your life and life of your loved ones! Better than facing all the consequences is to go for car removal from a quick and professional operator. That is when Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. comes into action.

Does it take a long time to finish the process?

Once you have made your mind, you can simply call us +61402700111, and we shall give you the best quote, something you would not find in the entire Sydney or even Australia. Further, if you have any questions or are not ready but need guidance, you can still call our customer service and understand how the entire process works. On contentment, you can then decide if you want to remove your damaged car or not. We are sure you would, and you will never regret your decision because we are known internationally for our incredible services. What are you waiting for? Give us a call now!

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